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Absolutely Free Background Checks

Most people think absolutely free background checks do not exist. This is simply not the case. With a bit of knowledge you can complete an online background check on any person you like. The best bit is it doesn’t cost you any money. I think what some companies charge to get you a background check is ridiculous. I should know, I used to work for one of these places.

Now I’m letting everyone know that absolutely free background checks are possible. For years I sat at my cubicle running all kinds of checks on people all around the world. I also saw the massive amount of money that people paid for checks that sometimes took me less than ten minutes.

One day I brought this up with my boss in a casual way. I said that if absolutely free background checks were possible, why were we charging so much? He got pretty angry about this. By opening my mouth I missed out on the promotion I thought I was getting. I ended up leaving and looking for other work.

I now work in a completely different industry and am much happier. However, I think I owe it to all those people to let them know about absolutely free background checks. It doesn’t seem right to let people pay through the nose for something that is completely free.

If you are unfamiliar with searching for a criminal record online or completing absolutely free background checks then I recommend looking at some ebooks on the subject. To get the best information you don’t need to buy the most expensive book. There is no need to spend more than between $15 and $50. Most of these ebooks have been written by people just like me who have worked in the industry for years.

Educating yourself is the best way to learn how to do absolutely free background checks. Learning about these kind of records online is something I recommend to everyone. Being able to find out the past of someone you are about to become involved with personally or financially with anyone can save you a lot of time and heartache further down the track.

Since leaving my job I have offered to do absolutely free background checks for many friends and family members. On more than one occasion I have found out information about someone that has changed their thinking. We spend so much time building happy and healthy lives, it only makes sense to look after what you have.

I’m not saying that you shouldn’t hire a detective, researcher or company to find out information on a person in your life if you are worried. If it puts your mind at ease or saves you money, please go ahead and do it. What I am suggesting though is that before you part with your hard earned money to consider that you may be able to find out everything you need to know with only absolutely free background checks.

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