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Background Check By Name For Free

Completing a background check by name for free caused me to call off my marriage. Jessica and I had one of those whirlwind romances. I met her at a friend’s party, we stayed up all night talking. We just go on so well. Straight away I knew she was somebody special.

I never even knew about a background check by name for free when I started dating Jess. I’m a pretty trusting person and I would never question the truth of what someone said to me. I take things at face value. Things between me and Jess progressed pretty quickly. We got engaged and decided to move in together.

This was when things started to go wrong. Jess was a grad student. She had a job as a bartender which didn’t pay a lot. The thing was though that she always had a lot of money. She worked odd hours and came home late all the time. Paying the rent was never a problem for her, while I was struggling to cover my share even with a full time job. Unexpected amounts of money in a relationship can be suspicious and reason to order a background check by name for free.

A background check by name for free can tell you a lot about a person. It will cover their credit report, revealing any loans, debts and credit cards. Property ownership and other assets will be shown. A background report will also reveal someone’s criminal record and make list of any charges and jail time served.

As we planned our wedding Jess opted for a more elaborate day. She wanted an expensive dress, the biggest church in town and a reception for 300 people. One night I sat down with Jess and told her that we needed to keep the wedding simple. I simply could not afford what she wanted. She said that she would have the money to pay for the wedding. I asked her where she would get it from, she just said she had savings and earned good tips. This was when I started considering a background check by name for free.

Things about Jess didn’t add up. Where was she getting all of the money from? Could my fiancée be a gambler, a bank robber or a head honcho of organized crime? Sitting around trying to think of the answer was making me crazy. I started making enquiries about a background check by name for free on Jess.

I started my search on the internet where I found some good ebooks on security and background checks. I was able to discover how to complete a background check by name for free this way. It took about twenty minutes to get a report on Jess back. What I discovered was not quite what I expected.

What the background check by name for free revealed about Jess was a shock. Her criminal record was clean. Credit rating non-existent. She owned three apartment blocks and two houses. She had millions of dollars worth of assets.

That night I confronted Jess with the background check by name for free. I asked her if it was accurate, which she said it was. Jess explained that her parents and grandparents had died when she was young. She was left with a large inheritance which meant she didn’t really need to work. She had decided not to tell people about this as she wanted to make her own way in the world and not be judged on her wealth. She wanted to know her relationships were based on her character, no her assets.

I understood what Jess had done. I might have done the same. The things was, Jess could of told me about her assets well before I got the background check by name for free completed. She was not going to tell me until after our wedding. My trust in Jess was broken. It was the end of our relationship.

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