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Background Check Services

Background check services can reveal the shady past of someone in your life before it’s too late. After renting for ten years I had finally saved up enough money to buy a home of my own. The only downside was that I would probably need to move into a cheaper area in order to fit into my budget.

I’d been looking at properties for about a month when I got an email from a broker. Although I didn’t remember him he said he had met me at a property inspection. I had seen that many properties that I didn’t bother questioning him, let alone think of using background check services. I took him at face value.

His email said that he had a great property for sale in my price range. He attached some pictures and they looked great. The only problem was that the house was in the country. Later that night I looked at some train timetables and decided I could do it. I emailed back the broker and asked for an inspection. Running background check services never occurred to me.

The broker said that the home could only be seen during business hours. This seemed odd but I took a day off work to have a look. The house was beautiful. A very well maintained three bedroom place opposite a park. I was in love. I told the broker I would make an offer, we signed it up there on the kitchen table. I gave him a $1000 deposit. A further 10% was due in two weeks and in just eight weeks time I would be living in my new home. All I had on this man was his business card. No background check services in site.

A week later I rang the broker, my family wanted to come down and see the house. The broker was quite short with me on the phone. He said I couldn’t see it until after I paid the deposit. My father was the one who raised the alarm. He told me about several scams on the internet were people had paid deposits on rental properties. Only to discover that the homes didn’t actually exist. He said perhaps I should speak to someone in background check services before I paid my deposit.

I didn’t want to listen to my father. Deep down I knew something was wrong. The house was too cheap. All the oddities around inspections were beginning to add up. I made some enquiries regarding background check services. Unfortunately my fears were confirmed.

While I couldn’t find information on the broker, he had probably provided me with a fake name, background check services were able to give me the name of the house owner. When I spoke to them they knew nothing about the house being for sale. They were very upset when I said I had inspected their house and paid a deposit to buy it.

Of course, the contracts I signed were not valid. I lost $1000 but thanks to running a background check services  I didn’t lose anymore than that. It turned out the broker was actually a handyman who had keys to the home. Both myself and the owners were able to press charges against him.

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