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Background Checks for Free

Finding out the secrets of someone’s past is a lot easier when you know how to complete background checks for free. A few years ago I met a great girl in a bar. Her name was Chelsea, she had the whole package. She was interesting, smart and great to talk to. I thought I was the luckiest guy ever hooking up with a girl like Chelsea.

So you are probably wondering why I am talking about a really great girl when I was just telling you about background checks for free. My relationship with Chelsea grew stronger over the years. Before we knew it we were living together and talking about kids and marriage. I couldn’t have been happier.

There was one thing that bothered me about Chelsea. And yes, we are getting to the part about background checks for free now. Chelsea spent time with my family all the time. They got on great. But her family were a mystery to me. She didn’t have any relatives to speak of. I often asked her about her parents and relatives but she never really said anything about them.

On its own, this isn’t enough to warrant going out and investigating someone using background checks for free. In fact I let it go. As our wedding date got closer Chelsea started acting strangely. More and more events started happening that didn’t add up. I began to suspect the worst.

Money was missing from out bank account. When I asked her she said she had just spent more on the wedding that she planned. One day the priest who was to marry us asked me for my birth certificate I couldn’t find it. I asked her if she had seen it, she claimed I must of lost it or left it at my parents house. I was thinking the worst. I was considering finding out how to do background checks for free.

Being in love with Chelsea, I guess I was in denial. In put off doing any background checks for free for some months as I wanted everything to be OK. Chelsea started coming home later and later. Then one night she didn’t come home at all. Before we got married I had to find out the truth.

I was able to quickly establish how to do background checks for free by researching the topic. I found some ebooks with some really good information that were all filled with good advice. When I searched Chelsea I found out she had a theft charge against her name.

Not wanting to jump to conclusions based on the background checks for free completed, I confronted Chelsea about what I found. She broke down and confessed that she had been gambling. I was really surprised, this was not what I was expecting.  She had been out every night trying to win back her losses at the casino. She had even forged a loan in my name. She told me that her family had disowned her when she stole from an Aunt. Her aunt had pressed charges.

Thanks to background checks for free I was able to discover Chelsea’s problem before it was too late. She is now in counseling and hasn’t gambled for a while. We are still engaged, but we have postponed our wedding plans for the mean time.

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