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Free Criminal Background Check

Not many people realize that you can attain a free criminal background check on any person just by using the internet. For a long time I always thought this was something reserved for police officers and private detectives, however anyone with a bit of time and effort can get this kind of information without paying a cent.

I discovered how to do a free criminal background check simply because I am an intensely curious person. I am currently doing a research project, which means that I do have a bit of spare time on my hands. I know that curiosity killed the cat, but actually since I learnt how to do background checks on people via the internet it has proved a useful tool

I first discovered the free criminal background check when my Uncle Harry was having problems with an employee of his. Some money had disappeared from the till at his food store. While he didn’t have any proof of who it was, his instincts were pointing to one person in particular.

A few weeks before this I bought some ebooks on researching people using the internet. I bought them out of interest more than anything, none of them cost more than $50, some of them were as cheap as $15. I remembered a mention of a free criminal background check in one of the books. When I mentioned this to my Uncle, he was happy for me to give it a try and gave me all of the details of his employee.

After using the free criminal background check I found out his employee did have two charges of theft against his name. My Uncle never got employees to provide a police check, as the cost was a lot for his small business to carry. Now every time he employs someone new he gets me to do a check before they start.

Although it is a little sneaky, I will admit that I have run a free criminal background check on new boyfriends. Both times though, I didn’t come up with anything. I did feel a little bit guilty afterwards as well. You never know though, doing a quick check now could save you a lot of heartache in the future.

Most of my close friends and family all now know that I have the ability to run free criminal background checks on anyone. As it takes very little time and no money at all they often ring me and get me to check on things for them. It may be a new partner, a friend who is acting suspicious and even someone who owes them money. You can never be too careful.

I have said no to some free criminal background check requests. If I know someone is looking for dirt on someone to use against them I won’t do it. Nor will I do a search just for fun. If you are thinking about learning how to do a free criminal background check I strongly encourage you to do ahead.

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